In 2015, All greetings.
This Year’s Greetings will be update soon as a new people.


“Beyond Pageant !”

Joseph kim
MISSFIRST FOUNDATION official promoter

The gap of the world is becoming more and more narrow.

Aiming for presenting a new paradigm focused on the progressive era and culture, we finally launch this pageant in Korea,
making an arrangement with First Beauty Foundation in Europe.

The event venues of Korea are Seoul, Chungcheongbuk-do, Kangwon-do, and Jeju Island. These places have the most excellent culture and history through a coexistence of trend in South Korea as well as geographical location that you can easily go to abroad.

Through holding the contest in this significant historic places, we hope to promote international friendship and
expand the exchange between the beauty & culture industries.

We along with the co-host organizations will do our best in making the 2014 Miss First Beauty World ‘World Culture Exchange Festival’ about a project in finding the ‘super-entertainer’ around each part of the world and make it become a role model of cultural content exchange

Our candidates and sponsors, Let’s feel the power of the cultural content of the world which is now led by
Asia and we truly welcome you with the attitude of giving you a beautiful memory of Korea.

M-Present is a production company, which holds about 170 pageants over the past 10 years such as Miss Korea,
Elite Model Contest, Miss Intercontinental, The Super Model Contest, etc.
It currently has about 20 international licenses. In addition, it holds more than 10 pageants a year.

Kyu tak lee
Missfirst pageant propulsion officer
Chairman of ccdailynews & panasia

We would like welcome all the participants of ‘2014 Miss First Beauty World’ around the world.
First of all, we would like to give a round of applaud to the candidates, who’s got the challenging spirit and passion
about the activity to practice self-development.

I’m honored to host such a big culture & art festival in Korea. I also expect that this festival will be an opportunity
for candidates to improve their confidence and competitiveness, and hope it gives a lot of fun to all
those who attend as well

This event was prepared to make women more valuable in the future, and think about the true meaning of beauty.
Furthermore, I wish everyone to live a happy life with passion.

CC Daily News, the oldest weekly magazine in the southern part of Han River, is a newspaper that reports quickly about
politics, economy, society, culture, and etc. Also, Pan Asia is an affiliated newsmagazine of CC Daily News,
and it grows quickly as a global media through an exchanges between Asian region.

Moon sik nam
2014 missfirst pageant
president of the board of examiners
chairman of incheon chamnuri hospital


Welcome all contestants to the Miss First Beauty World, held in Korea with four beautiful seasons.

I am Moon-Sik Nam, the president of the board of examiners.

As we are in the age of a unified world where we can go anywhere within a day, we are living with realizing a real-time communication that we could not imagine before such as SNS between different nations or races.

However, We don’t really know about other nations or races in spite of such development of communication, because
we have a different lifestyle and idea.

I hope the festival to be a global festival including cultural exchanges about the true meaning of beauty, and public relations of each country. Therefore, as the president of the board of examiners, I will do my best to progress this contest with fairness and equality.

The pageant will tour the cities of Korea, including ‘the gate of Korea’ Incheon, ‘the capital’ Seoul, ‘beautiful city’
Choongchung, and ‘the cultural heritage’ Jeju Island.
I wish you make an unforgettable memory about this pageant in Korea

The Chamnuri Hospital, which is conveniently situated in Incheon, is a official hospital of 2014 Incheon Asian Games.
It combines both oriental medicine and western medicine, so many people come to this hospital from within
Korea as well as abroad. Moon-Sik Nam, the chairman of Incheon Chamnuri Hospital, is famous for his books and columns,
and many broadcast activities. Also, he also served as a jury of many pageant contests.

Chung Youg Lee
Chief of Miss First International Organizing Committee
CEO of Aronia

I really honored to be here with Miss First International
2015 in Shanghai which has develop and history of China.
Asia is one-day life zone and understand each other more than ever.
So. I am really great opportunity both contestants and judges and all people in this time
All people includes audience and guest and contestants deserve to be a heroin;
So enjoy this festival and have a good time.
Thank you.