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Produce by Mpresent(The most experience company, produce the beauty pageant in Asia) Shanghai ARONIA is HOST. 2015 blockbuster MISS FIRST INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY PAGEANT will be held in Wenzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai on DEC. (last year, the final stage was JEJU island in Korea) Total 30 contestants is going to paticipate this pageant all over the world. This year pageant will go on the air not only Korean cable TV but also China TV broadcasting, SNS, Youtube, Wechat, Instagram, Facebook and etc.

亚ڸҳ会ɣ韩国MPRESENT艺办2015Ҵ规ټ国际ڸҳ会 决赛国߾ڦ 举办 MPRESENT艺举办韩国选ڸ会级ټ壬ټ壬郑选ڸ会韩国ڸҳ 会过10Ҵ经历会η权 为会圆满举办ᡣ 现韩国ڸ产业ͣ国ʫ欢ʣͣ߾ڸ场国举办会现样业ټҡ 过会给关条ء 过ͣ预选国划总监选来30٣选ѡ 会将过亚体给ͣ观众á 请关. MISS FIRST选ڸ会