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제목 World beautiful women are gathering together!
작성일자 2014-11-03
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2014 World Cultural Exchange Festival – Miss First Beauty World Pageant will be held in Jeju island, Korea, which is selected as one of the 7 wonders of nature by UNESCO

Cultural exchanges and beauty competition by 20-28 year-old world beauty delegates from all around world!

The winner will receive 1 carat diamond pendant and 2,000~5,000 USD as winning prize, and get a chance to be a model for sponsor’s commercials.

2014 Miss First, Who will be the honored winner for the first contest?


CONTACT : missfirstoffic@gmail.com

Qualifications for participation

   1) unmarried women aged between 18 ~ 26
   2) recommended by national director
   3) through domestic competition, winner and semi-sinner both can participate



1) Contest Period: 29th November 2014 – 9th December

2) The First Beauty World Official Dinner Invitation: 3rd December, Grand Hilton Hotel, Seoul

3) Eve Party: 8th December, We Hotel, Jeju

4) The Final: 9th December, ICC Jeju International Convention Center Tamla hall

5) Departure: 10th December 2014 ~

     (Schedule above can be changed.)


M-Present is a promoter company, which has specialized in holding various beauty contests at home and abroad over the past 10 years such as Miss Korea, Super Model Contests, Elite Model Contests, Miss Intercontinental, Korea First Beauty Pageant, etc.

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