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제목 2014 World Cultural Exchange Festival - Miss First Beauty World Pageant is different.
작성일자 2014-11-05
조회수 992

It is not just a formal pageant or a simple ranking competition, but settled as a real global gateway program to the entertainment world. 
We realize a solid management system through the association of global entertainment content agencies and media led by Korea.
Also, we secure media power with Korean cable TV channels as well as China’s Tianjin Satellite Channel , Dragon Television, Huzhou TV, Zhejiang satellite TV, China Jiangsu TV’s special broadcasting.
We have a command of program networking through new media such as SNS, YouTube, and We chat. 

Connections of substantial show cases with brands and advertisers

It is a foreign country fusion advance project through international cultural exchange showcases to preoccupy the global market.
We materialize Win-Win alliance through show cases with Korean international beauty and fashion brands and various advertisers.
With a project with real time popularity vote and expanded participation of global users, we will materialize acceleration of advancement of participating brands to global market through magnificent exchanges with network of variety of world pageants.

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